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Children 5 – 15 years

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Product Description


YiYO JUNIOR is a fun and engaging card game that helps children become more aware of the nutritional quality and recommended serving frequency of food (Yi), and increases their appreciation of energy ‘load’ by matching foods with physical activities (YO) of equivalent value.

The energy values promote numerical literacy, but the game does not involve any counting or arithmetic.

YiYO JUNIOR is based on the old favourite ‘Go Fish’ game, but there are a variety of different games and purposes for the cards.

The game pack includes background information for parents, grand parents, carers, teachers and health practitioners about estimated energy requirement (EER), basal metabolic rate (BMR) and personal activity level (PAL).

Parents and grandparents can educate at home, teachers can use the game to support a health education class, and health practitioners can use the cards to educate young patients about maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The Yi cards are colour coded to guide children on consumption i.e. green = eat every day, yellow = eat a few times a week, pink = eat sometimes. Foods with fruit and vegetable serves, dietary fibre (> 2g) and added sugar are indicated on the cards.

The Yi cards contain an international range of raw ingredients, home cooked meals, processed and fast foods. The YO cards include a variety of team sports, individual exercises and incidental activities such as household chores and personal care.

A team of accredited Dietitians and Diabetes Educators collaborated on the development of YiYO JUNIOR. The population data is based on international clinical standards, and the energy values are derived from reputable online sources cross referenced with supermarket surveys.

All YiYO players have FREE access to the Metabolic Symphony Lifestyle Education Library.

NOTE:  Energy values are displayed in kilojoules only in line with international standards for children’s education.

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